Campus life includes ...

  • Redeveloping an existing 137,000 square foot industrial building and site into a campus-like project with a significant boost to the local tax base and employment base
  • Provide bike/pedestrian facilites within the campus develop­ment that is separate and distinct from regular vehicular traffic
  • Continuation of the "streetscape" along E. Genesee St. with a village scale building at the street frontage, thereby addressing the current large setback to the existing building
  • More in keeping with needed services rather than Industrial uses, provide grocery and retail uses, in the Village for the Village

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How will the project impact traffic on Rte 5/E. Genesee St.?

A traffic study was prepared for the proposed project and presented to the Village peer review engineer and New York State Department of Transportation Regional Engineers. The study was accepted and traffic mitigation has been agreed to. The mitigation will include a traffic signal at the site entrance driveway including a crosswalk with signals to permit safe pe­destrian travel across Genesee St., along with the extension of a center left turn lane from the subject site west to the Fayetteville Commons Plaza providing a safe and protected turn lane and enabling better traffic flow.

What is the status of the Environmental Conditions?

Ramboll / O'Brien & Gere have been actively treating the subsurface contamination at the subject property for over 20 years. NYSDEC has been actively involved with the environ­mental actions on the property for all of the 20 plus years. Contaminated soils have been both removed from the property and treated on site. Groundwater has been collected and treated at the property for many years. The site was de-classified by NYSDEC in 2014 from a Class 2 Site to a Class 4 Site; meaning one where the site is properly closed but requires continued management. There exists a Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions over the subject site as mandated by NYSDEC. These restrictions prohibit the use of on-site groundwater at the subject site; inclusion of soil vapor intrusion mitigation at any future occupied building at the site and the maintenance of the engineering controls that exist on the subject site.The property has been accepted into the State's Brownfield Cleanup Program to further assist in re-developing the contaminated site. This program does not get initiated without a development project.

The Village Zoning Code says no building can be greater than 10,000 square feet in the Industrial District. Why propose a 56,000 square foot grocery store and a 40,000 square foot senior housing facility?

The existing building is 137,000 SF- the proposal is requesting a 25 % reduction in building square footage on the property. Several buildings in the Village of Fayetteville are greater than 10,000 SF including the new Honda Car Dealership across the street from the development and the Village Hall/ Fire Station. A 10,000 SF commercial building is equivalent to a Family Dollar retail store ( in size). A 10,000 SF building development project will not economically pay for a project at the subject site, including the brownfield cieanup.

What Happens if the Village Denies the current proposal?

The vacant, rusting out, deteriorated building remains for an undetermined time into the future, or possibly the existing building gets re-purposed into an allowed use within the Village Industrial District such as manufacturing, warehouse or other use.

What about the immediate neighbors?

The existing building was constructed over 70 years ago, before most of the houses in the neighborhood were built. It is a zoned INDUSTRIAL property. With the proposed development the grocery building will be setback further from E. Genesee Street with significant landscaping and pedestrian and bike paths. Additional landscape buffer is proposed to mitigate any visual or sound impact from the proposed development. A 3,500 SF building is proposed along Genesee St. to continue the Village streetscape and fill in the "missing tooth" along the street.

What are the public benefits of the project?

  • Over 15 acres of land dedicated to the Village of Fayetteville for parklands expanding Coulter Park by 500%
  • Much needed Senior Housing in the village within walking distance to the Post Office, grocery, Methodist Church and Fayetteville Senior Center
  • Safe, signalized pedestrian crossing of E. Genesee St.
  • Bike and pedestrian accommodations in the project linking E. Genesee Street with the new 15 acres of parkland at the rear of the property
  • Traffic improvements from the project site to Fayetteville Commons Plaza to enable safe turns out of the flow of traffic
  • Remediation of an existing contaminated industrial site and removal of an outdated industrial building
  • Continuation of the Village Streetscape by filling in a large setback area.
  • Increase in the tax base with no impact to the student population in the school district •
  • New jobs in the Village of Fayetteville
  • The property has been contributing nearly $100,000/year in taxes to the Village, Town, County and School District.